All AIRNERGY devices are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest quality standards. The main difference between the Airnergy models is the performance which is attributed to the number of activating units (catalysts) in a device. The more catalysts an Airnergy device contains the shorter the time of usage for each treatment and the faster the user will react to spirovitalisation.

Another difference is the area of usage; in hospitals or in private practices normally the model “Professional Plus”. In other therapeutic institutes, physiotherapy, natural healing, medical supply stores or in commercial institutions such as fitness center, wellness or cosmetic salons “Professional Plus” is preferred. The “Professional Plus” is also perfect to meet the needs of users at home or in the office – the “Basis Plus” is often perfect to start with.

All Airnergy devices are easy to handle.

A user guide is available in English, French, Spanish and other languages.

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AIRNERGY Professional Plus

In the case of chronic disorders or problems with health or if trying to achieve a significant increase in performance, e.g. athletes or as a means of prevention in companies, the Professional Plus device offer the best choice. Recommended application time: 21 mins – 4 Airnergy activation units – 2-year guarantee – First service required…



The AIRNERGY+ Stream is based upon the same technology as the AIRNERGY+ inhalation units.While the AIRNERGY+ inhalation devices stimulate the cells of the whole body, the Stream is applied to treat topical acute or chronic diseases.

AIRNERGY Travel Plus

Airnergy’s latest product development, the “Travel Plus”, is running on battery Who doesn’t want to miss out his energy therapy when being on the road can use the “Travel Plus” anywhere at any time to get new energy. Thanks to the state-of-the-art battery similar to those used in airplane modelling, about 10 treatments are possible …



Airnergy’s brand new design edition combines the well-tried quality of the energy source Airnergy Professional Plus with classic and fine aesthetics. The usual Airnergy quality of the material ‘Made in Germany’ has been replaced by an elegant high-tech appearance – and makes it possible to gain a deep insight into the exquisite Airnergy technology due…



The Airnergy Basis Plus device is ideally suited for preventive healthcare in younger and healthy people. Recommended application time: 40 mins – 2 Airnergy activation units – 2-year guarantee – First service required after 2,000 hours of operation