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Airnergy is a combination of the two words “air” and “energy” and describes a newly developed natural remedy belonging to the field of complementary medicine and the scientific field of bionics. It is a method, a device and a treatment in one.

Airnergy can promote health, quality of life, regeneration and wellbeing in a natural way.

The aim of the Airnergy-Spirovitalisation is to aid the utilisation of oxygen at cell level when suffering from stress, when being ill and aging. No side effects are known. This has been impossible before. Airnergy is not related to the already known concentrated or ionised oxygen or ozone.
It is a medical-technological development which can be explained with the biological significance of oxygen for cell regeneration in general.

Following the official approval of its product as a certified medical device and the recognition by the European Health & SPA Award in 2010, Airnergy is especially grateful for the Senses Award 2012 as it confirms the growing acceptance of Airnergy technology on a national and international level.
For only 21 minutes daily one breathes “activated air” which is produced with the help of a natural process similar to photosynthesis in green leaves. Airnergy enables cellular life and promotes regeneration.

It is possible to use Airnergy at different specialised therapeutic practices, lifestyle institutes, sports clubs or with an own device at home or in the office.

Trust a product inspired by nature. Ask for more information and try it yourself!

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