Airnergy Aroma Set – Using essential oils as a treatment

The effect of essential oils ranging from relaxation, concentration increase, activation of the sense to cleaning the room air.

Of course these are predominantly positive characteristics that can be used in addition to the proven Spirovital therapy by Airnergy. Whether in the form of a small bottle for dosing drop by drop or by a so-called glass flask a complete small bottle with essential oils can be placed in and opened; both models offer the possibility to use supportive the effect of essential oils in combination with the AIRNERGY + Spirovital therapy. This Aroma Set can easily be installed by an additional bracket to the AIRNERGY + device and even might be extended if ncessary.

Essential oils contain the vital energy of plants in a concentrated form. The term ethereal, comes from the Greek word „aither“ that means „heaven scent“ and thus points out to the volatile and non-tangible characteristic of the scent.

Already some time ago, essential oils have been removed and published from the formerly „quite ridiculed nauropathy“ and are nowadays an integral part of the modern classical western medicine, that recovered its own lost roots. Thus, the aromatherapy is no longer an „alternative healing method“ only.

An aromatherapy treatment really works – not only in psychological or psychosomatic restrictions – but also in physical diseases. According the history, Emperor Nero completed such a tube system in a palace of Rome that the scent could pervade the whole palace.

But even the ancient Greeks had the knowledge that a healthy and understandable and appropriate handling must be aware, because along with headache and nausea may also exist the risk of an allergic reaction, so that is why always an aromatherapy must be discouraged in case of an allergy.

Though not necessarily for every human being an essential oil therapy is applied prompt the Spirovital therapy by Airnergy can be still used; without any side effects we know such as allergic reactions and the Spirovital therapy is for more vitality and relaxation demonstrated and confirmed by thousands of users all over the world.

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