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The term asthma bronchial comes from the Greek and means “shortness of breath” and is often simplistically called only asthma. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways with permanently existing hypersensitivity. In susceptible individuals, the inflammation leads to paroxysmal dyspnea due to a narrowing of the airways – a so-called bronchial obstruction (International Consensus Report). This airway narrowing is caused by increased secretion of mucus, bronchospasm and edema of the bronchial mucosa; it is reversible by treatment. Present and reputable information sources reports that five percent of adults and seven to ten percent of children in Germany suffer from bronchial asthma.
With an asthma attack a shortness of breath occurs and especially exhalation is more difficult; often with whistling breath sounds and sometimes accompanied by cough or cough attacks. Treatment of asthma is mainly with inhaled drugs that are prescribed as a powder or metered-dose inhalers by using of inhalers resp. powder inhalers; less often as inhaler solutions which are nebulized by electrical (driven) inhalers. Affected people will be informed also by other (alternative) therapies. One of these is the Somatovital therapy of Airnergy (Spirovital therapy SVT – Gastrovital therapy GVT – Dermovital therapy DVT). Airnergy provides this therapy by a device with 4 catalysts.
An evaluation of effectiveness by existing users regarding Sprivitalisation in organic diseases revealed that Airnergy can be used successfully also for respiratory diseases and even particular for asthma bronchial. All body cells are dependent on constant oxygen supply. Yet the oxygen content of inhalation (breathing) air figures prominently. It’s the quality very crucial and not the quantity. In lack of oxygen the oxygen is not able to achieve the target (mitochondria). Airnergy provides the possible improvement of oxygen utilization and thus can contribute to a sufficient oxygen supply of each single organ system and possible enhance of symptoms. The Spirovitalisation can be used additionally to other therapeutic measures against both symptoms such as (increasing) shortness of breath and increasing formation of possibly existing, hardly cough up mucus.

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