Airnergy Bronchitis 4AU – High-quality oils and the Spirovital therapy can be helpful

Today, effectiveness of high-quality oils is no longer disputed. The scents of essential oils have a harmonizing, stimulating, soothing effect and even elevate the mood. The oils create a physical and mental well-being and alleviate a variety of pain in a gentle way.People who suffer from bronchitis are able to use that oil for an aromatherapy as well. A natural 100% pure blend of eucalyptus oil, pine needle oil, peppermint and mint oils give an additional and significant effect by use of conventional inhalers or at Airnergy’s Spirovital therapy by means aroma sets. In case of respiratory diseases the ingredients of the oil gets straight to the desired or requested location.The essential oil is still classified as one of best remedies for many ailments, particularly when it is all about diseases of the respiratory tract.

For example, the eucalyptus oil is antiseptic, so it helps to germs and especially helpful in urinary tract and respiratory tracts. It soothes spasms and obstructions and cleaning the blood. Moreover, eucalyptus oil is perfect for asthma – if cold, with flu, bronchitis or even angina. The concentration will be stimulated and the blood glucose level is lowered by the oil.Pine sprouts are for bronchial mucus, evidentially mucus liquefying; an important mechanism because into the bronchial mucus there are those burdensomely germs, furthermore the mucus makes breathing more difficult by far. Hence the ingredients for inward and outward consumption (e. g. inhalation) are taken straight by the respiratory tracts and thereby have a direct effect on the secretion glands of the bronchi, they could develop their effect anyway. Therefore the mucus can be coughed up more easily after liquefaction.Peppermint oil has the pain blocking effect on muscles pain, nerves and headaches or in case of itching. Peppermint oil stimulates the cilia throughout the bronchial tree to increase the activity, so that even stucked mucus can be coughed up.

The effects of aromatic oil are providing a perfect combination with Airnergy’s Spirovital therapy. Let your bronchi breathing relaxed!

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