Airnergy – Energy from inside – since 2000 – for self-regulation – acute, curative, preventive

AIRNERGY for self-regulation – acute, curative, preventive

Respiratory air as the source of a holistic therapy method. This is how Airnergy achieved pioneering work from the start and could develop a market-ready healthcare system able to improve the utilisation of oxygen in the body without supplying increased concentrations of oxygen or adding any extraneous substances. The results not only made doctors and healthcare experts in the field sit up and take notice, but also inspired scientists and researchers from a number of different disciplines around the world.
At present scientists at institutes and universities, both nationally and internationally, are researching the basic functioning of Airnergy. The results of their studies and theses are reflected in our ongoing development work. Numerous doctors from various disciplines are also carrying out their own practice observations on breathing using Airnergy. Now, thanks to the kind support of our customers in more than 60 countries, Airnergy can draw on experience from a broad range of applications, from effects in different clinical pictures, cases of increased wellbeing to simple improvements in appearance.
In order to meet our quality objectives we strive for continual improvement.
All AIRNERGY devices are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest quality standards. The main difference between the Airnergy models lies in performance which is attributed to the number of activating units (catalysts) in a device. The more catalysts an Airnergy device contains the shorter the time of usage for each treatment and the faster the user will react to spirovitalisation.
Another difference is the area of usage. In hospitals or in private practices normally the model “Medical Plus” is used which is certified as medical product (EC certificate). In other therapeutic institutes, physiotherapy, natural healing, medical supply stores or in commercial institutions such as fitness center, wellness or cosmetic salons the model “Professional Plus” is preferred. The “Professional Plus” also suits the needs of users at home or in the office – but in this areas the “Basis Plus” often is used as starter model.

All Airnergy devices are easy to handle, transport and maintain. They come with all required accessories and a English language user guide.

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