Airnergy – STREAM V2015; the Dermovital therapy of future – now 15% more emission range.

The Stream – pain therapy of future made by AIRNERGY – a device already classic. The development of this product has taken place many years ago; using all over the world and has proven effectiveness by many people.
First of all: this treatment method called the Dermovital therapy has absolutely nothing to do with red light, infrared light or with frequency and magnetic devices. The Airnergy Stream, this device is equipped with a special catalyst technology that is modeled or made after a well-known natural photosynthesis process technologically.
The natural oxygen in the air we breathe is activated. Important energy is released and this energy will be forwarded straight to the body when the device is placed on the skin and over the affected area. The most important aspect: one hand the stream device stimulates an increased availability and utilization of oxygen in the tissue and on the other hand it makes an increasing production of endogenous protective enzymes in the cells and thus it reduces the concentration of free radicals, so from aggressive pollutants by the environment and from the body’s metabolic events.
By an increase in energy intake of activated oxygen, endogenous repair processes are initiated or accelerated to affected areas and that can be induced to an immediate reduction of pain and to the elimination of their causes that is quite essential. It will speed up healing processes without undesirable side effects.
Depending on requirements, the application time is 1 up to 10 minutes. For this, the device should be simply placed on the affected area, it can be used in case of complaints on joints like hip, knee, shoulder joint and in case of spine (spiral column) pain. It may also be practical with headaches and migraines; even with bruises, sprains and burns. Due to the easy handling it is proven among others to otitis media and other ear disorders in eye disease, sinus disease, dental and jaw pains as well as skin diseases, menstrual problems and for promoting concentration.
The treatment is not possible just about a naked body but also in clothing, leather, and even by a plaster cast. And if you want to treat sinusitis or frontal sinus pain, you have to know: the Stream energy also acts by bony body parts such as the skull.
Airnergy – for more than 10 years successfully worldwide also well-known in the Somatovital therapy for COPD and AMD patients

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