Airnergy Stream-Z: “healing phases is shortening verifiable by 50%” – considerable successes in practical development

Airnergy Stream-Z: “healing phases is shortening verifiable by 50%” – considerable successes in practical development in the field of renewable materials for bones and soft tissues

Age-, environmental- and illness-related the performance of cell energy systems (mitochondria) decrease radically up to cell destruction. Cell physiological circumstances such as aging / disease are detectable unequivocally by the HRV (heart rate variability) resulting in therapeutic approaches, arising enzymatic / medical treatments. Aim of these measures is the cell’s oxygen utilization, the energy production and intra- / extra-cellular antioxidant capacity to restore physiologically. The reaction time required is relatively long – depending on kind and extent of disruption.
Thanks to Airnergy’s Spirovital and Dermovital therapy, regenerative processes can be accelerated, both by a breathing supplement (for internal respiration) as well as by an external application (through the body skin) and have been shown directly at application of energy valences will be optimized and thus the cell performance begins (regeneration or renewal).
Already the found facts submit a maximum medical consequence to each subject area in pre- and postoperative phases. Healing phases in oral surgical area (general swellings, dentures treatments, canal treatment procedures and implant preparations and implant assumptions) are reduced by 50 % while significantly reducing the ‘trauma signs’.All human cells are capable to receive ‘vibrational patters’ (receiver principle). In the Stream a very special pattern with energy, information and vibration of large amplitude (transmitter principle) is generated by a photodynamic process. Measurable photons with a specific wavelength emerge out of the device and thus stimulate the cell respiration via the body skin; provide a supporting rapid regeneration and desirable balance as well as stabilization of autonomic nervous system.

Contrary to conventional red light lamps the Stream is able to exert its beneficial effect through pants, plaster casts, skulls and so on.

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