Airnergy – Travel Plus 4AE-T in winter sports – the compact dose of natural regulation

The winter time not far away and many people have already plannced vacation. If before, during or even after the upcoming holiday, the popularity of winter sports intensified particularly by the fact that winter sports can be done all year on artificial ice rinks, ski domes or even in areas with winter weather all-season.
Here again, Airnergy and the spirovital therapy are a perfect companion in the form of a Travel Plus. Many peoples know already this therapy and get preferences at home, if possible in a gym or at the working place.
The spirovital therapy means the intake of energized or activated oxygen through the lungs into each single body cell; thus ensuring an improved maintenance of all metabolic processes in every human’s body cell. Thanks to the support of the cell respiration, both the autonomic nervous system as the superordinate control center in the body can be positively influenced to respond better and to improve the HRV which is proven measurably. Not the quanitity is important but the quality!
All these positive effects and even more positive effects on the human body due to Airnergy are helping to get more relaxed as well to start skiing as to enjoy the après-ski. Nobody has to miss a mentally relaxed ski season. Instead of steady or non-moving device you might have at home already (such as the Professional Plus) and you have to take in your suitcase, just take the Travel Plus – it is small and easy to carry. It’s got everything and even its own suitcase.
The Travel Plus has been designed just for an unlimited mobile use for medical practioners and can be used for hours because of powerful battries. The clear and rugged equipment and handling is rounding off the overall image of functionality and appealing desin. You do not need to miss the advantages and power of nature beyond the slopes.

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