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Pulmonary diseases – use of Somatovital therapy against COPD

Occured lung damages are generally considered irreversible. Only individual symtoms can be reduced. Studies have clearly demonstrated that the Spirovital therapy may just achieve exceptionally good results in case of lung diseases.

Contrary to classical oxygen therapies the Spirovitalisation does not working with a higher quantity but a higher quality of oxygen.

Thus the lungs are able to use (utilize) the oxygen better with the same performance. The results are often less colds, an easier expectoration of mucus and therefore a free breathing.

A much higher well-being and more physical energy are the result. Many users even report their walking and climbing stairs is easier again.

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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a life-threatening pulmonary disease and affects already over 8 % of adults all over the world. It has been estimated of about 600 million people suffer from COPD worldwide.

COPD is a growing pulmonary disease. COPD concerned people can alleviate their symptoms by the Somatovital therapy (Spirovitalisation) and new or more quality of life can be given by this therapy (see progress reports / relevant literature).

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a collective term for chronic respiratory diseases.
Main feature is the production of viscous, purulent mucus in the lungs which is difficult to cough up and can often lead to pulmonary emphysema.

This leads to shortness of breath and difficult for affected people doing everyday activities tremendously. Probable cause of COPD seems to be an overload of the lungs for years, e. g. by smoking or jobs with particulate pollution. How far the disease has progressed can be determined by the pulmonary function test. This one shows how many oxygen can be exhaled in a second, inter alia with the FEV1 value.

The results will be classified into GOLD stages. At GOLD 1 the symptoms are slightly developed. GOLD IV often means extremely limited quality of life.

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I have suffered with sinus problems for virtually all my adult life. Then I was also diagnosed with COPD and struggling to walk a few yards and get upstairs without becoming breathless and distressed.

I was put on to inhalers, which did help, but still did not prevent acute flare ups, which required me to have several courses of steroids.

The flare ups were starting to occur much more frequently, which is when I decided to invest in an Activated Air Machine. I have now been using the machine for 20 minutes, twice per day for the past 6 months and the difference is remarkable. I can now get upstairs without getting distressed and feel much better.

I go for regular check-ups with a chest specialist to have my lung function tested. Before using the machine my lung function was 56% against the predicted expectancy for my age and height etc, putting my COPD in the moderate to severe category.

At my last check up, my lung function has increased to 76% against prediction and well into the mild category. I am convinced this is as a result of using Activated Air therapy, as there are no other factors which could account for this improvement. I take peak flow count readings daily and the average has increased from 200 to 250 or 260, but more importantly, and not wishing to tempt fate, but in the 6 months since first starting to use the machine I have not had any exacerbations.

Being a pensioner this was a fairly substantial investment, with no guarantee of success and I did dally for quite a while before deciding to take the risk and purchase a machine, being cynical of the many miracle claims that are attached to product advertising these days. My only regret is that I did not buy the machine much earlier, as it has made an incredible difference to the quality of my life and management of my COPD.

Based on my own experience I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone whose quality of life is being affected by breathing or chest problems invest in one of these machines and I am very grateful to you for making this product available.
81, Goodwin
I have had my Airnergy for approximately nearly four months now, and it has been a god send for me, so I felt I had to tell you about the before and after changes in my life.

I was diagnosed with COPD around 3 years ago now, although I have had asthma since early childhood.

I tend to spend quite a few months of the year in Spain, and when I have returned to the UK over the last 3 years I always found myself after a couple of days of arriving, either seeing my GP as a result of breathing difficulties, and being prescribed another course of steroids and antibiotics, or being taken into Hospital with pneumonia, this also happened to me on several occasions whilst in Spain over the last eighteen months, so my initial thought of living in the sunshine to improve my health appeared not to be working for me.

However, fortunately for me, my Sister had researched on the internet the symptoms and effects of COPD and came across the web page for the Airnergy machine, we received an information pack and DVD.

I spoke with Chris Wright to ask some advice on which one of the machines would be most suitable for me, and I was very impressed with how helpful he was, at the end of the day it was a question of which Machine I could afford at the time; I decided to go with the Airnergy Professional. After using the machine for 20 minutes 3 times a day, I felt so much better, the improvement in my health and well-being was so drastic that many people commented on how well I looked and how much better my breathing appeared to be.

Since my purchasing my Airnergy machine I haven’t had one bout of pneumonia, or been prescribed with any antibiotics or steroids. I have reduced my treatments now to two 20 minute sessions per day. I am able to walk my dog for a good hour every day; I go to Pilates twice a week, and recently I have been doing some volunteer work with children with special needs, all of these things were impossible for me prior to receiving my machine.

I travel back and forth to the UK and pack my machine in my hand luggage, I have had a few questions asked about it when it goes through the x-ray machine, but once I explain what it is they are fine at both ends.

I did feel rather vulnerable about travelling with the glass bottle, so Chris very kindly arranged for me to have all the parts delivered to my UK address which makes life easier for me. So thank you Chris for all your help and your continuing support. M. Kirkham
58, Kirkham
In 2003 I was diagnosed with COPD. During the subsequent years my breathing steadily got worse and my ability to walk on anything but flat ground would have me struggling for breath. I was also in and out of hospital with breathing difficulties and chest infections.

I looked about on the internet to try to find solutions to my breathing problems and stumbled across Airnergy. The information looked promising but I was initially put off by the high price. My doctor now had me on two inhalers and a powder inhaler but these did not seem to be solving my breathing problems.

With worsening breathing I splashed out and purchased an Airnergy unit and started on two 20 minute sessions per day. Within the first few weeks I noticed improvements in my breathing. I was better at walking and more able to carry on with my housework. I put the improvements in my breathing and stamina to Airnergy without which I would not have been able to do many things that had become beyond my reach.

My husband and I recently purchased a narrow boat to tour the country and due to my improved breathing and energy I am able to assist in opening locks and enjoy the countryside with my family. G. J.
88, Jones
I am writing to inform you of my progress on the Airnergy machine.
I was diagnosed with COPD four years ago. I had increasing difficulty with my breathing so my consulting my doctor I found it took them two months on the waiting list to be diagnosed with COPD.

I was given three inhalers as standard procedure. Since then I have had three lung infections treated with steroids and antibiotics. I found the infections very difficult to deal with; the last one was pneumonia three weeks before Christmas.

In January I saw Dr. Chris on the television demonstrating the Airnergy and this led me to purchasing my own which is the Airnergy Pro. I am very pleased I did. Using the machine I found myself with a welcome awareness of well-being.

I felt better in myself, breathing was easier and even a feeling I could get around generally easier. I always woke up in the morning and used my inhaler before getting out of bed; I no longer do that now.

As anyone with COPD will know it is quite depressing and at times quite alarming with a panic attack. I now feel I can control my breathing and that is down to my Airnergy machine which I use 20 minutes twice a day. The bonus is so obvious that it is such a wonderful help with no negative side effects and I am so pleased I found it. Many thanks. A. Cross
88, Cross
As a long term sufferer of COPD and after a winter of several chest

infections/bronchopneumonia, my wife was getting fed up with me using her asthma inhalers. Therefore I researched and discovered AIRNERGY.

Within days of starting my breathing has improved enormously. Hills which I sued to avoid when dog waling are now climbed and the hill that I used to walk up on our cucyle ride is not only pedalled but I can unusally now beat my wife.

For me this has been a life changing experience and I look forward to seeing how I manage next winter. You have my complete recommendation. Dr. R. S.
70, Simmons
About a year ago I was diagnosed with COPD by my doctor although I had the symptoms for some time before this. From being fairly active for an 82 year old, around the garden and house I was exhausted just going up the stairs.

In September 2012 my son was doing some research into COPD on the internet and came across an advert for Airnergy. After viewing the tutorial we thought “Why not!”

It seemed quite expensive but as all else had failed we took a chance. To say that the effects were miraculous would be an understatement. After a couple of days I had renewed energy and felt like my old self again. Got that sorted – now for the knees!! Thank You.
82, Harvey
I am a retired male of 66 years nearly 67, I was diagnosed with COPD about four years ago, I was quite surprised about this as I have worked out doors all my working life and have always been quite fit.

I began to find that I was out of breath just doing minor tasks, i.e. climbing the stairs and just walking a few yards became major ordeals. Obviously I am being treated for my COPD and take my inhalers every day, and I go to see the nurse every six months for tests.

About this time last year I was browsing the internet to find any information I could about the disease, Dr Chris Steele was promoting this machine on a morning programme with Philip Schofield.

I was very impressed with what was being said so I sent off to Biolife Solutions for the information pack and DVD, having read and watched all the information I decided to invest in one of the activated air machines. This has got be one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, I purchased the Airnergy Machine from Biolife Solutions.

I use the machine every morning for 30 minutes while reading the morning paper and I feel like a different person, I feel fitter and have more energy than I have had in a long time, so much so, I have just invested in a tread mill to get rid of the surplus weight I have put on because of my inactivity over the past few years.

Anybody reading this testimonial that has COPD or various other problems, I recommend you read up on this Airnergy machine, it’s great. C. H.
67, Hubert
I was first diagnosed that I had COPD in 1993. I was prescribed with several inhalers, two powders which I take twice every day, also *********** when necessary.

A few years later I purchased a nebuliser after several hospital stays, five times in all, for chest problems.

In August I was taken very ill which left me feeling very weak. My daughter and son-in-law looked on the internet and found Airnergy. A few days later we had all the info and testimonials regarding the machines and the importance of oxygen in the blood stream.

I have now been using Airnergy eight months. The investment was a bit daunting and I was a bit sceptical, but now I do feel as though it was a very good investment.

Yesterday I had a peak flow test – the reading was 250 -this time last year, it was 121. Also blood oxygen levels were good, the reading was 90.

I have to say I feel much more alert, I feel Airnergy for two twenty minute sessions daily has greatly improved my daily life and I could not be without Airnergy now.
88, Doe
I just wanted to let you know about my dad’s progress since purchasing your professional plus machine 5 months ago.

Five months ago, he hardly wanted to leave the house as he felt just too tired. He already had an eye condition called uveitis, which affects your eyesight. He was then diagnosed with severe COPD at the age of 75. He seemed to become more and more breathless on walking, complaining about his tired legs and being so negative.

I could even hear his wheezing from across the room. He was sent to have heart scans to check his heart function, the scans showed that 36% of his heart was damaged and therefore was diagnosed with heart failure.

Five months later, his eye condition is much better and his eye consultant is very happy. He is out every day, swimming three times a week, walking on the treadmill twice a week in the gym and generally gardening and doing chores.

I recently took him to see a private heart consultant, who scanned his heart and told us that his heart is damaged but about 10% and is functioning well at 58%. Therefore he doesn’t have heart failure at all. His symptoms are due to his COPD.

Overall, my dad looks better; his skin is much pinker than before. No more wheezing and although he still gets breathless and tired, he can do so much more activity.

He seems so much happier in himself and has got his twinkle back at the age of 76, which I thought had been lost forever. My dad and I are both convinced that the improvement is due to your machine, which he has been using twice a day for 20 minutes.

I bought the machine for my dad and it is the best thing that I’ve ever done!
75, Dardi
In September my doctor told me I had COPD having had a constant cough and bad chest infections for 3 or 4 months previous. My peak flow was down to 250 and I was getting out of breath just walking across a room.

To find out more about my condition I checked the internet and found an advertisement containing a video with Dr C. Steel talking about Airnergy machines.

I thought this sounds too good to be true – I must find out for myself. I bought an Airnergy+ Professional Plus and I put it on 100% for 45 minutes. After a few days I noticed a huge difference, I could walk further without getting out of breath and my peak flow was now 350 thanks to Airnergy.

I could only do 1 minute on my exercised bike, now I can do at least 10 mins. One month after buying my Airnergy machine I went into hospital for a full knee replacement – my surgeon could not believe I had COPD he said my oxygen level was 98%.

I can only say this is down to Airnergy. Airnergy is not a cure for COPD but it has certainly made a difference to me. I don’t cough as much and my chest infections are far less.

Also my partner has sinusitis and allergies and has improved using Airnergy. Thank you Airnergy for improving our lives. gez. S. Balmfoth
63, Balmforth