New- Airnergy – Spirovital therapy as a completely innovative eye-catcher!

Even Airnergy customer expectations and customer wishes to be heard any time and if possible considered in the development of devices when they are fiseable.
Now for 15 years the classical devices are known throughout the world; clear simple design held in a muted white neutral color and practical in placement and to use; objectivity and function have priority.
To give the Avant Garde design a highlight, the proven Airnergy technology was constructed now in the form of an absolute eye-catcher. The finest selection of materials like countless tiny Swarovski stones on the edges of the upper and lower circular plate, golden belt housing and silver pushbuttons and the same to the device feet for an unstable state (see picture). Airnergy is honored to achieve such a special customer order.
This special equipment can so far be described as unique and is a sight to behold due to highly demanding precision in manufacturing and technology.

Airnergy is active in the field of complementary medicine and naturopathy for many years and well known by a revolutionary method based on the model of nature, photosynthesis. Relentless pursuit, consistent research and development, are showing undeniable therapeutic success around the world. Even doctors and scientists are now perplexed. This is called the Somatovital therapy. This therapy is based on three pillars. Breathe – the Spirovitalization. Drink – the Gastrovitalization and the stream or flow, called Dermovitalization.

Meanwhile the Somatovital therapy has proven itself in numerous organic and functional disorders and this positive impact in terms of improved, holistic health now also surprised scientists, doctors and medical practitioners. Also recommended for those affected with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); a disease which has become already number four of top ten cause of death in the USA and a phenomenon that is increasing worldwide.
Diseases spare no one; whether young or old, wealthy or financially independent. Aesthetics make move all our senses when we look at it. However, function and application do not have any influence!

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