STREAM HS by Airnergy – Give your whole body something special, not for your ears only!

now an enhancement of new biotechnology: STREAM HS. It sets healing energy free by activated oxygen from the air we breathe that supplies the weakened, aching body parts with vital and healing-promoting energy by special activated oxygen. On one hand it is stimulated an increased availability and utilization of oxygen in the tissue and on the other hand it provides an increased production of endogenous protective enzymes in the cells and thus reduces the concentration of free radicals, that is of aggressive pollutants from the environment and from the body’s own metabolic functioning.

The Dermovital therapy by the Stream HS, has absolutely nothing to do with red light, infrared light or with frequency and magnetic devices.

Many years of practical experience with the Stream, as well as the customers and ultimately their remarks, have led to a corresponding development of this innovative biotechnology.

The STREAM HS with a headphone form is padded comfortable on both sides, so it can be worn or carried upon the head very well and by the flexible straps (bracket) it can be used or even fixed more relaxed on their shoulders, at or on the knee joints, etc. Another highlight is the double (twice as high) performance in comparison to the known Stream.

The affected body parts can be irradiated with the Stream 1 up to 5 times day by day. Depending on requirements, the application time is 1 up to 10 minutes. Just put the device on the affected area, it can be used in case of complaints on joints like hip, knee, shoulder joint and for pain at the spinal column. However, it can also be helpful in case of headaches and migraines. It makes sense even with bruises, sprains and burns. Due to the holding or carrying bracket it is proven to otitis media and other ear disorders, in case of eye disease, sinus disease, dental and jaw pain as well as skin diseases, menstrual problems and best at promoting concentration and much more.

Airnergy – for more than 10 years of success and also well-known for the Somatovital therapy, at COPD and AMD patients the world over – can be established successfully with the STEAM HS as an innovation in pain medicine of the future.

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