Stream HS-TA by Airnergy – Tinnitus aurium solution

By definition the disease tinnitus aurium – just called tinnitus – is an “auditory perception”, a perception of sound, ‘you hear something’. These ‘apparent sounds’ are perceived as unpleasant by those affected people. There are humming or whistling, knocking, ringing, roaring, hissing or rumbling. The current state of science says that Tinnitus is also called a “syndrome” because the manifestations are so manifold and difficult to systematize. According to the opinion of medical professionals and therapists Tinnitus is often the reason for insomnia and depression.Scientific results suggest a relationship between Tinnitus and stress. Many affected peoples report their problem of Tinnitus amplified (the noises or sounds become stronger) if they are exposed to stress. Conversely: they describe Tinnitus as reduced when an atmosphere of relaxation can be generated. This is specifically confirmed by the fact that the stress nerve (sympathetic) develops an increase awareness / sensitivity because of stress. Under relaxation and with relaxation nerve dominance (parasympathetic) it comes gain to calm of prior hypersensitive sensory cells inside the inner ear – sounds are perceived less or quieter.
The already mentioned complexity of phenomenon Tinnitus leading to the conclusion a therapy should be also complex – ideally holistically. Positive therapeutic effects should be acting holistically on the whole organism.
There are many causes for Tinnitus. Other causes there are circulatory disturbances in the inner ear area. The “Guideline Tinnitus” of the German Society of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, the promoting of blood circulation as the first therapeutic measure in acute Tinnitus is mentioned. Even an experienced osteopath or manual therapist can verify very quickly whether a misalignment of cervical spine is the cause of Tinnitus and if necessary treat it immediately.
Numerous professionals, doctors and therapists confirm the circulation enhancing effect by AIRNERGY; research and practice results are able to prove this several times. This leads to the conclusion AIRNERGY is a useful complementary therapy in Tinnitus. Just using the Airnergy STREAM HS-TA for local use (on the body) has already shown many affected people a treatment of Tinnitus is possible.
AIRNERGY’s Dermovital therapy is offering a measure for pain relief.

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