The Animal Stream made by AIRNERGY

Similar to humans, animals take up proportional energy over the skin. Thence the internal or cellular respiration is addressed via the so-called tissue matrix and thereby the whole body.
Unlike conventional treatment methods that do not reach the tissues between cells, the transcellular aspect of Airnergy enables an energy transport up to the centers of the autonomic nervous system, e. g. the pineal gland. This means not only painful flare-ups/stages will be affected but above all, the chronic “wear-phenomena” and the overall quality of life related systems, such as the sensory system, the musculoskeletal system and the respiratory system can benefit from this.
“Skin and bones, tendons and ligaments – pain and illness!” Chronic or acute. It is sad to get those experiences and often costly. Good to know: the duration and intensity of a disease do not depend solely on the treatment of a crack in the tendon or bone 5 cm. They are depending much more of metabolism which it maintains. Like the tree from the earth in that it stands.
Whether a dog has got a hip dysplasia, tumors or an ear infection; a horse is lame, has cuts, a broken leg or laminitis, or the ear infection of a cat is still not healed, a broken leg, gingivitis (gum inflammation) or skin lesions up to dermatitis necroticans in reptiles; there is now a small device with a method that has been copied from nature and that improves metabolism and this is happened with air only!
The Airnergy Stream Energy can develop their effect locally, subcutaneously, under the skin or under the fur / the scales. The molecules are able to supply oxygen to the nearby tissues and legends surrounding vessels. The quality of oxygen increases and thus now the oxygen availability is increasing in the mitochondria, the tiny power plants of cells. The cellular respiration will be improved by biophotons. It’s the precondition to provide the most important energy supplier of metabolism: ATP (adenosine triphosphate), from quantity to quality of oxygen.
Supporting healing without drugs, without side effects, complementary or solely: actually air only – activated oxygen of the air we breathe by the Airnergy technology. The Animal Stream made by Airnergy: emergency aid and permanent care for animals’ skin, fur or scales!

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