Why Airnergy?

Learned from the sun…….

Why Airnergy?

Do you give yourself permission to respire ….?
Allow your own body to respire!
The medicine achievements have contribute to a steadily increasing age. It is therefore all the more important to experience the second half of life without any noticeable restrictions of health and vitality………

To counteract the aging process with healthy and natural methods (independent), is useful in almost any stage of life.

That is what Airnergy was designed for, a concomitant therapy when chronic diseases are already exist and in case of lack of energy and insomnia.

A healthy lifestyle means the intake of nutrient-rich foods such as water, fruit and vegetables, as well as regular physical exercise by walking, gymnastics and sports. This is well known.

However, depending on circumstances and at certain stages of life, it is important to support the body’s utilization of oxygen, on cellular level, because we breathing constantly the atmospheric oxygen to produce energy that is indispensable every second of our life for more than 60 trillion body cells.
This is not yet sufficiently well known. The perfect utilization of oxygen from the air we breathe for our health is top priority as well as our own regulation and regeneration. Especially for energy metabolism, heart and brain metabolism and cell structure and protection.

75 per cent of absorbed atmospheric oxygen is exhaled again unused. The human being is a relatively poor breathing ‘air recycler’. The breathing air has got 21 per cent oxygen only and a human organism is able to use approximately 25 per cent only; that means 75 per cent will be exhaled unused. It’s a reason why lives can be saved by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. With increasing age, in diseases caused by stress, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and environmental impacts the body’s ability to optimize oxygen supply continues to decrease.

So the bottleneck is not formed by the offer of oxygen from the air respectively its concentration, but the body’s ability to use the sufficient existing oxygen in the cells for energy metabolism. Therefore an increased supply of oxygen does not make much sense.

The answer: Quality instead of quantity of oxygen. Not increasing the body supplied amount of oxygen, but optimizing the utilization of available oxygen to the body. And without addition of foreign substances, increased oxygen, without ionization or ozone. All this can be done by a device that is available to everyone. It’s Airnergy. Today you will find Airnergy in the luggage of a world-famous pianist, a singer…

Airnergy is used in doctors’ surgeries, clinics and rehabilitation centers, workplace health promotion for employees, executive office, in your own living room, anti-aging institutions and spas.
Airnergy can be taken while sitting or lying down. The experiences of millions of individual applications has shown: about 20 minutes to intake energy with the Airnergy device can already be put in motion in the organism and it is verifiable by means of ECG technology (HRV test). The user wears a lightweight nasal cannula or a comfortable headset and is breathing as usual.

Regular Airnergy breathing increases the body’s ability to regenerate, leading to a strengthening of immune system, optimizes the energy metabolism and thus increases the vitality and ‘joie de vivre’.
A technology based on nature’s model.The Airnergy method utilizes a decisive process of nature that exists for millions of years, e. g. during at photosynthesis, the interplay of sunlight and the leaf green chlorophyll. Inside the Airnergy device the atmospheric oxygen is kept constantly in its energetic condition (singlet) – the physically active form of oxygen that the body knows. This is made by a process that is protected by patent and technologically adapted to the natural processes at photosynthesis in green leaves.

The Airnergy method can contribute to restrain diseases, limiting their duration, frequency and their impacts. The body consumes less energy with the restoration of its system, the general vitality and well-being can increase.